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  • Visitó la tumba de su prometido con vestido de novia

    Fue al cementerio un día después de la fecha en la que se casarían

    Sara Baluch, de 22 años, fue al cementerio el domingo 10 de marzo, un día después de la fecha en la que se casaría con Mohammad Sharifi, de 24 años.

    El chico fue baleado dos semanas antes de la boda por un hombre a quien intentaba venderle un Xbox.

    "Se suponía que estaríamos juntos". Decía Sara mientras se arrodilló junto a la tumba y comenzó a llorar.

    De acuerdo con el diario, Mohammad Sharifi fue asesinado el 19 de febrero, en el estacionamiento de un complejo de departamentos, cuando intentaba vender su consola Xbox.

    Sara narró al diario que durante aproximadamente un mes después de que se conocieron, Mohammad le pidió en varias ocasiones que fueran novios, pero ella se negaba porque estaba concentrada en la escuela y no quería estar en una relación.

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    February 19, 2019 I lost my other half. There are times where I’m in denial and think it’s all just a dream, but then I remember your sweet, cold, still face in my hands in the hospital. I begged you to wake up, I begged you not to leave me, but I know it wasn’t your choice. You showed me your love every single day in all of your actions and I know you would never leave me. You are my other half that kept my half going, that completed me. We could literally read each others minds and guess the colors we were thinking. If two were ever one, then we were. We shared one heart, one mind, one soul. Half of me has died and was buried with you. We fell in love after 2 weeks. After our first date, you called your mom and told her you found the one. We were made for each other and I can’t understand why my other half was taken from me 2 weeks before our wedding. I wanted to grow with you baby, we wanted children, a child we could put all of our love into because we had too much love between us and couldn’t wait to give it to something we were going to make together. Our love was and is so strong that it couldn’t exist in this world, and the only way the universe could separate us was through death, but even then, my love for you has only grown stronger, more dangerous and powerful. Baby, I can’t sleep at night knowing you will never be there to hold me again. I feel weak without your arms shielding me from all the troubles this world throws at me. I miss how I could fall asleep just listening to your sweet voice. I miss the way your eyes smiled and how all my troubles would just vanish looking into your sweet sweet eyes, baby. I miss the way your smile could make me feel like I was walking on clouds. I miss you baby, I miss all of you. Your loss has made me question everything. I was supposed to cross to the other side with you. I know you want me to be strong baby, I know, and I’m trying so hard, but it seems impossible. I just need your help baby, please. Help me. You were my strength, my protection, my passion, my world, and I will forever adore you, Mohammad. I will love you forever. I promise.

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    Pero él nunca se rindió, y finalmente, ella aceptó.